WHMCS v7.0.2 منتشر شد

در این نسخه بیشتر باگ هایی که کاربران در نسخه قبلی یعنی ۷٫۰٫۱ اعلام کرده بودند شامل پلاگین ها و هسته اصلی برطرف شده است.


برای تهیه لایسنس و فارسی ساز با هاست ۹۷ مکاتبه نمایید

Changelog:WHMCS V7.0.2


CORE-9309 – Two Factor code field not auto focusing when logging in
CORE-10102 – Show “Monthly” billing cycle for on Standard Cart product selection page when Monthly Pricing Breakdown enabled
CORE-10138 – Show paid draft invoices as paid after publishing
CORE-10139 – Honour DomainRenewalMinimums values on Domains renewal tab
CORE-10159 – Render order status dropdown functions for all languages
CORE-10167 – Clarify No Invoice Email on Order description in General Settings
CORE-10243 – Addon module configuration save results in erroneous activity log entry
CORE-10340 – $params is not passed into the _AdminCustomButtonArray() function on clientsservices.php
CORE-10364 – Drop down page selector on Tickets Awaiting Reply does not store the filter before switching paging
Also known as: MODULE-6445
CORE-10447 – Show current payment status for draft invoices on the Add Payment tab
CORE-10500 – Update .id whois server definition
CORE-10508 – Correct availability state of Spotlight TLD during Domain Selection of a Product order
CORE-10511 – Update “View Release Notes” button action following a successful update
CORE-10518 – Check memory limit minimum requirement prior to performing update
CORE-10541 – Send plain text email in client’s language
CORE-10542 – Add nl2br modifier to default Smarty Mail Policy
CORE-10543 – Admin area email message preview should not render as raw HTML
CORE-10545 – Create New Quote displays Email In Use error initially when creating
Also known as: MODULE-6460
CORE-10547 – TLDs that enom do not support don’t show in domain checker results when using eNom lookup
CORE-10548 – Percentage Promotions not calculating in PHP 7
CORE-10569 – Update suggested cron command for Support Ticket Escalations
CORE-10572 – Prevent E_FATAL for cron invocation of Affiliate Month Report
CORE-10586 – Improve Prorata Billing rounding routines to observe daylight savings


MODULE-6422 – Fix InternetBS entity encoding on TXT DNS Records
Also known as: MODULE-6442
MODULE-6446 – Ensure PayPal subscription request has valid p1 value when upgrading from free to paid product
MODULE-6450 – Handle multiple domains from Namecheap domains.getList API response
MODULE-6457 – Fix behavior of cPanel change package when product is using reseller acct + reseller_Package name
MODULE-6472 – ResellerClub/LogicBoxes Transfer Policy required contact API management updates

CORE-10552 – Plesk module displaying coded module setting names
CORE-10580 – Update protxvspform.php module for phpseclib 2.0.2


CORE-10527 – Prevent E_FATAL when performing Get Stats via Local API


CORE-10480 – Update client area Portuguese-Pt translations
CORE-10492 – Hebrew Translation additions and improvements for Project Management addon
CORE-10512 – Update client area French translations
CORE-10529 – Improvements for admin area French translations
CORE-10532 – Improvements for admin area Italian translations
CORE-10575 – Update for client area Ukrainian translations
CORE-10576 – Update for client area Russian translations

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